29″ x 31″ Standard Washing Machine Pan – Item #1780

Our Standard Washing Machine pans are made to go under washers to protect your floor from leaks and overflows. Not only does it protect your floor from scuffs, but it also collects and drains water to keep it from damaging any part of your home. This washer tray is recommended for second-floor laundry areas where water could damage the floor and ceiling below.

  • For use with standard size washing machines
  • Tray collects and drains water due to overflows
  • Ideal for second-floor laundry rooms
  • Tray won’t bend or rust like metal pans
  • Protects floors from leaks and scuffs
  • 1 1/2″ depth

Product Contains:
(1) – 29″ x 31″ Standard Washing Machine Pan
(1) – 1” drain fitting / washer / nut

Item Number:
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Package Size:
33 1/2 x 5 5/8 x 30
Package Type:
Display Carton
Package Weight:
29.76 lbs.
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Washer Pan

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