4 inch White Plastic Soffit Exhaust Dryer Vent – Damper – 3 inch Pipe – Item #143WTP

A damper in the 4-inch white plastic soffit exhaust dryer vent prevents outside elements and air from entering the vent when not in use. The damper opens and allows the exhaust air to exit the vent through the sufficient opening with a net free area of 11 square inches.

Dryer Vent

The Lambro 4-inch white plastic soffit exhaust vent with a 3-inch pipe is ideal for venting through the soffit. The soffit vent features an opening and closing damper that prevents outside elements and air from entering the vent. The damper seals the vent opening when the clothes dryer or bath fan is not running because no exhaust air exits the vent. When the clothes dryer or bath fan operates, the exhaust air pressure pushes the damper open to let the exhaust air escape from the vent.

You can easily use the exhaust vent for new and replacement installations over an existing 4-inch opening. The vent frame comes with four screw holes to secure the vent and a caulk-friendly frame for completing the installation. The vent features a sufficient opening with a net-free area of 11 square inches to allow for less back pressure. Make sure to check the inside of the vent regularly to prevent lint build-up when using the vent to exhaust a clothes dryer.

The vent’s manufacturing material is polymer resin with a UV additive to prevent premature fading caused by sunlight. It would be best to prep the vent before painting it; we recommend plastic paint to paint the plastic vent effectively.

Make sure to check local building codes before installation.

Product features and benefits:

  • Bulk Pack
  • For new or replacement vent installations
  • Opening and closing damper stays closed when not in use
  • Damper prevents outside elements from entering the vent
  • Mounts over existing 4-inch openings
  • 3-inch length pipe for through-the-soffit installation
  • Made of polymer resin material
  • Accessible screw installation holes – caulk-friendly frame
  • UV inhibitor is used to help prevent the premature fading of vent
  • Plastic vent is paintable when prepped before painting – plastic paint recommended
  • UV inhibitor is used to help prevent the premature fading of vent
  • Recommended for clothes dryer exhaust and bath fan exhaust installations
  • Installation screws (not included)

Product Contains:
(1) 4 inch white plastic soffit exhaust vent
(1) 4 inch x 3 inch aluminum pipe

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