4 inch x 25 foot UL 2158A Clothes Dryer Transition Duct (Foil Flex) – Item #498-25

The Lambro foil flex 4-inch x 25-foot UL 2158A clothes dryer transition duct is ideal for venting electric or gas clothes dryers to the wall pipe.

Dryer Duct

The Lambro foil flex 4-inch x 25-foot UL 2158A transition duct is ideal for venting an electric or gas clothes dryer to the wall pipe.

The transition duct is for new and replacement clothes dryer installations. The foil flex duct is highly flexible, allowing tight bends for easy installation. When installing the duct, you can cut it to length to allow for stretching for maximum airflow.

The duct manufacturing material is aluminum and polyester over a galvanized wire helix frame. The certified UL 2158A duct contains a UL marking on each length.

Please be sure to check local building codes before installation.

WARNING: Check your clothes dryer manufacturer’s manual; installation of this duct may void the warranty.

Product features and benefits:

  • Bulk pack
  • Do not exhaust clothes dryer into the chimney, a wall, a ceiling, or a concealed space of a building
  • Installation from clothes dryer exhaust outlet to the wall pipe to the outside
  • Installations lengths of 8′ or less
  • Cut duct to length as needed using wire cutters and a knife or scissor
  • UL 2158A certified marked and listed duct
  • For use with electric or gas clothes dryers
  • Flame-resistant
  • Maximum operating temperature of 257°F
  • No elbows needed – tight bend radius
  • Installation clamps (not included)

Product Contains:
(1) 4-inch x 25-foot UL 2158A clothes dryer transition duct (foil flex)

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Guideline for Transition Ducts
In December 2006, Underwriters Laboratories introduced UL 2158A, “Clothes Dryer Transition Duct”, an approved standard for flexible, high-temperature transition ducts, rated to 430 °F., for both electric and gas dryers (this standard is also part of IRC M1502.4.3 and IMC 504.8.3)

The transition duct is a flexible duct that connects the back of the dryer to the exhaust vent in the exterior wall. The requirements for transition ducts are as follows:

  • Must be a single length connecting sections disallowed
  • Can’t be concealed within construction, such as passing through floors, walls, hidden spaces, etc., or be longer than 8 feet
  • Only flexible ductwork listed, labeled, and in compliance with UL 2158A can be used

Types of Transition Ducts

  • Flexible foil ducts
  • Flexible semi-rigid ducts
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Bulk Pack
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