4″ x 8′ UL 2158A Semi-Rigid Transition Duct Preferred Hood Vent Kit

UL 2158A duct is highly recommended for clothes dryer venting installations.

This dryer duct product is what most clothes dryer manufacturers recommend in their installation instructions. This transition duct kit installs from the wall to the clothes dryer. NOTE: Vent a clothes dryer according to the manufacturer’s instructions and local codes.

  • Opening/closing damper prevents outside elements from entering the vent
  • Removable screen
  • Flexible semi-rigid aluminum triple-lock design for more durability
  • Ideal for both gas and electric dryer installations
  • UL 2158A listed and labeled as a clothes dryer transition duct
  • UV inhibitor is used to help prevent the premature fading of vent


Product Contains:
(1) – 4″ White Plastic Preferred Hood Vent with 11″ Tail Pipe
(1) – 4″ White Plastic Trim Plate
(1) – 4″ x 8′ UL 2158A Semi-Rigid Aluminum Transition Duct
(2) – 4″ Metal Worm Gear Clamps

Installation Instructions

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13 x 6 1/4 x 13
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Retail Carton
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2.55 lbs.
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