8 inch White Plastic Fresh Air Intake Vent – Removable Screen (Rain Guard) – Item #608W

The Lambro 8-inch white plastic fresh air (rain guard) intake vent is a low profile design that blends well when used in soffit installations. The removable rain guard allows for easy cleaning when necessary, check the vent periodically.

Intake Vent

The Lambro 8-inch white plastic fresh air intake vent (rain guard) is a low-profile design that blends well in soffit installations.

You can use the fresh air intake vent for new and replacement installations. The vent frame comes with four screw holes to secure the vent and a caulk-friendly frame for completing the installation. The vent features a removable screen, which enables easy inspection and cleaning. Please check the inside of the vent regularly to prevent the build-up of outside elements, such as leaves and debris.

The vent’s manufacturing material is polymer resin with a UV additive to prevent premature fading caused by sunlight. It would be best if you prepped the vent before painting; plastic paint is recommended for effectively painting the plastic vent.

Please be sure to check local building codes before installation.

Product features and benefits:

  • Bulk pack
  • For new or replacement vent installations
  • Removable screen allows for easy cleaning
  • Soffit or wall installations
  • Accessible screw installation holes – caulk-friendly frame
  • Made of polymer resin material
  • UV inhibitor is used to help prevent the premature fading of vent
  • Plastic vent is paintable when prepped before painting – plastic paint recommended
  • Recommended when fresh air is needed inside the home
  • Not for use with clothes dryer venting
  • Installation screws (not included)

Product Contains:
(1) 8-inch white plastic fresh air (rain guard) intake vent

Item Number:
Pack Quantity:
Package Size:
20 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 16 1/4
Package Type:
Bulk Pack
Package Weight:
5.40 lbs.
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Has Screen


Has Collar/Tail


Has Damper



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